0 thoughts on “Oh please…

  1. I just read this post 2 my daughter. She said: is that a joke?
    Which is the same thing I was thinking!
    What is this world coming 2?
    Jesus! Please, come save us from ourselves.


  2. Look, it’s your blog. But a news story about some online facebook petition an entire 900 people strong is a little bit reactionary, don’t you think?

    This ‘controversy’ (which, as far as I can tell only existed in the echo chamber of the media) reminded me of this, however:


    We’ve gotta give up this BS before we can start having a productive conversation about sex and gender matters in late western civilization.


  3. Father, bless,

    I am continually amazed at the time and energy that people put into worrying about the intimate lives of puppets and cartoon characters.


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