Global Warming, Christ's Return, and Hot Air…

There are new reports indicating that the computer models used by the UN to predict global climate change are flawed and their projections of warming levels don’t match the actual data. Therein lies the problem caused by  people given to apocalyptic scenarios. When the data doesn’t pan out, as most often happens, the people who predict New York will be under water or that Christ will return next week both do damage to worthy ideas. We should take care of the environment because its God’s creation and we are its stewards responsible to the Maker for our actions yet how many people will be turned off to the idea because of the cranks? You should come to Christ, but there are so many very good reasons to do so beyond trying to cover your options in case the world ends.

Whenever someone sounds the alarm simply ask “What are they getting out of it?” and if you don’t like the answer just walk away.

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