It's a beautiful day today…

but I’m at home, tied to the couch by a stomach that has been aching for days and a fatigue that won’t seem to go away. What I feel is a symptom of my life.

So I will rest today, eat potatoes and bread, and hope things start to come back into line. This beautiful day with its temperatures just right will not be wasted, but not in the way I would like it to be. It would be good to be out in the sun, take a walk, or sleep with the breeze flowing over my blanket, but not today.

Today is for sitting and waiting and letting things fall back into their course. The misalignment of my body is a sign of something greater, of something that needs to be recovered with a day spent alone looking out the window and thinking. What matters? What needs to be untangled? What is good and needs to be celebrated? What is like wind blowing through the grass?

 Apparently if my heart won’t get me to stop, pause, and reflect my stomach will. Today its pain is mine and its queasiness a still small voice.

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