0 thoughts on “I will master this song…

  1. Hi Father: love your blog, been following for a few years here at 150 Knots and your previous work. And love the CTD’s, will y’all be doing the tune in the same style as the CTD’s ? How about taking a shot at “God shuffled His Feet”? Now that is an interesting song!! Best of luck with the show; do you plan a Youtube recording for us CTD fans?


    1. Don’t think I’ll be doing more but I did go to the CTD concert here in Minnesota some years back. I find the band to be lyrically interesting, even poetic, and I like the fact they tackle topics like “God shuffled his feet..” The show where I play the CTD song is just a one time gig. I’m filling in for their bassist. When I’m done with that my energy will go to “Shoulder to the Plow” and a band that is just forming with a kind of bluesy, folk, country, feel and a Christian ethos. no name yet.


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