Global Climate Change is a scam that allows the rich, and rich nations, to hold on to their wealth while eliminating the ability of others to succeed. The taxes, carbon credits, and such that are touted as solutions to the crisis will still be able to be paid by the wealthy but will become a success shattering burden to any who would seek to rise. Rich nations will keep less rich nations in subjugation for the same reason. Any attempt to advance will be met with a push back of regulations, taxes, and laws designed to keep the poor nations of the world in the only role the rich nations want for them, namely as tree farms for their carbon credits.

Tha being said there are plenty of great reasons for preserving and caring for this planet, most of them moral or religious. These do not, however, matter to those currently in power, and preserving power is what the apocalyptic global climate change ideology is about. Al Gore gets to keep his mansions and the poor in Africa get to stay right where they are.


Homosexuals cheer each time a state legislature or court orders laws establishing same gender marriages but you have to be careful what you ask for because you might get it. A new level of responsibility, of commitment, and discipline will be required of people who by their own definitions often choose to live outside of boundaries. It’s one thing to be a “partner” and quite another thing to be “married” with its more sedate and less fringe like expectations. My prediction? Gay marriage will be a dramatic boost in income for attorneys dealing with family and divorce issues and in a few years gay men, especially, will be asking “What were we thinking?”


Persecution of Christians in this country will expand and perhaps soon turn from mere ridicule to direct physical and legal attacks. Most American churches are ill prepared to endure in times when everything isn’t handed to them and these changes will be traumatic. Wise Christians and churches will always keep the possibility that the wide liberties we currently enjoy could be taken at any moment and without paranoia or violence have that wisdom built in to their ethos. Instead of focusing on structures, titles, and programs they will direct their energies to worship, catechesis, and outreach to gather and preserve strength in any storm that may come.


Chastity is the most common form of martyrdom for Christians living in the Western World. Our culture has lost all its senses in regards to sexuality and direct, deliberate, and diabolical efforts are underway to continue to undermine any sense of moral standards in this area. Men, especially, are targets and constantly under attack because there is money to be made and power to be gained by people manipulating eros. The good news is that nature herself rebels against sexual license and people are beginning to realize this. You really can’t do anything you want with whomever you want because the human ecosystem is simply not decveloped for this. You will experience trauma if you put such a philosophy into practice and each day people are discovering this truth. That bad news is that there is going to have to be a lot more trauma before our bubble is burst and that means a generation or more of tragedy before sense can take over.


Survival in hard times won’t actually belong to the rich and powerful but rather to those who can live low, adapt, cooperate, and share. In a famine gold is inedible and useless but knowing how to get your hands dirty in a garden will increase your window of opportunity. Those people who know how to live when the power goes out will be the ones capable of thriving in any situation. Living light is living free.


By the way, Christ still wins so be aware and awake but never without hope.

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