Nature has moments…

of beauty, for sure, but there is an underlying cruelness to it all that most of us simply wish away like the whole thing is a Disney film.

No lion would actually allow a baboon to touch its cub. The “wondrous circle of life” we hear about each time a gazelle is downed by a cheetah is not so wondrous to the prey. If there are three goldfish in a bowl and one dies the other two get to eat. Without the ability to make shelters and organize ourselves we would be in the same boat ourselves.

That’s the facts.

It’s good to care for the earth. It’s good to see the moments of beauty that are all around us, the remnants of the Creator’s intent. Yet its good to be wise as well and not forget that hawks still eat rabbits, your sweet pet can turn into a snarling ball of fur, and humans, the apex of it all, kill for no reason in particular.


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