We're waiting…

for the snow to come some time in the night. There are few surprises anymore with such things. Radars are scanning the skies. Meteorologists are on every channel waiting to provide the charts and diagrams. The days of rain catching people on the street are largely over, and you can watch the snow move across the TV screen and time your day precisely. Its a modern world, carefully safe, and with hardly the smell of risk.

If there are enough groceries at home all you need to do is wait. Soon enough whatever is to drop from the sky will and you can watch it out your window. Tonight it will be snow, a few inches perhaps, not enough to cause trouble unless there’s ice below, but enough to make the ride to work tomorrow slow. We already know this and most of us will be ready, resigned, or some combination of the two.

Still in the end no one is bigger than the weather. If it comes up suddenly or you know things days ahead it always is what it is and all your money and machines can dent it a bit but never overcome it. The weather reminds us that even if we think we’re gods we’re still human and things larger than us are in control more often than we imagine. We can build great machines, wage global war, and count our money on the other side of the globe but we cannot make a single snow flake return to the sky.

That’s probably something we should ponder with greater frequency these days but tonight its snow and most of us will be asleep when it falls. In the morning it will all be about getting to the business of life and the larger picture will be lost. A pity really.

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