I've figured out…

why the whole Brett Favre thing bothers me. It’s a reminder of the illusion.

Sports are mercenary, always have been. The athlete is a commodity and as a commodity they’re used until there is no longer any need. Now, in the era of free agency, teams are increasingly also a commodity and the best athletes can pick a team as surely as a team can draft a player.

Favre’s move to the Vikings is a reminder of that, the reality of pro sports as a business and another stab in the illusion of loyalty to team and place that occupied us when we were kids. It’s the stabbing of that illusion that bothers me the most, a reminder that I’ve grown up and the world I wished isn’t, and probably was never, real. Were my childhood Packer heroes with us because they wanted to be or because they made a business deal to provide entertainment? I’m not always going to be sure and as a fan that makes me feel like a commodity as well.

And that’s why I’m rooting for the Saints tonight, it’s the hope that a washed out city could use the lift that a trip to the Super Bowl would mean, even if its only a dream.

0 thoughts on “I've figured out…”

  1. In the end, outside of Christ, we’re all objectified commodities. God help us to not turn the Church into a place people are commodified and used.


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