It's all about the benjamins…

A most interesting phone call last night from a political party.

It seems they want me to file as a candidate for the State House of Representatives in my district. They tell me that there is a pool of money waiting for someone to step in and take but if I don’t the other party will get the money and they wouldn’t like to see that happen. They tell me that someone recommended me for the job. They didn’t say who.

Now the opposite party has controlled this district for years, in fact they basically have run St. Paul for decades. And the election is only a few months away and how do they think that a person who has never run for office can prepare and effectively present themselves to the 36 thousand plus people in the district (yes I did check the demographics) in a few months.

That’s not to say I haven’t ever thought about politics. I most certainly have. There is a great need for change and a greater need for a new mentality in the arena of government. There are many of us who are sick of the baby boomer selfishness and perpetual adolescence that has come to dominate the political discourse of this time. The 60’s generation is fighting all their old battles again and this time THEY are in charge and have all the money. Quite frankly the results are, in my opinion, extraordinarily poor and too many people go to vote with the same feelings they have when they are told to schedule a colonoscopy…and the same results.

And that mentality showed itself in the call. It was not about running to make things better, or running to serve the people, or running to bring new ideas and energy into government. It was about running so even if I lost, and I almost certainly would given the time to prepare, the other side wouldn’t get their hands on that pot of money.

Oh boy, what a motivation, I can hardly wait.

That can be my campaign slogan “Show me the money…”

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