There is a Warm Wind…

blowing across the city tonight.
Windows are rolled down.
Curtains float in the air.
Furnaces are silent.
The grass is brown but not for long.
The trees are bare but budding.
People are stirring from their slumber.
Its late in winter but there is a warm wind
blowing over the city.
The world seems to know
its time for a new skin.



How do I love you God?
Not tolerate, not obey, but love?
Mystics clamor for you. I do my duty.
They say when You meet them all is well and soul and source are one.
I do my duty.
I know in my mind. I believe in the facts.
I trust the witnesses. I obey the commandments.
But do I love?
I have no idea.
And that which is more escapes me,
somehow I know many things
but not Abraham’s bosom.
How do I love you God?
Help me to know so that solace will not escape me.