On Johnny Cash…

and the relationship between his faith and his music.

The tension between the flesh and spirit, between things of this earth
and things of heaven, animated all of Cash’s music. It’s what drew
audiences to him generation after generation. Sin and redemption, good
and evil, selfishness and love, and the struggles of living by a
standard set not by man but by God — all were driving forces in Cash’s
work and life.

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Worth Considering…

“The fundamental distinction between what the Saints have written and what Protestants write is a category confusion which creates an opposition between the scriptures and church leadership. Scripture *is* the primary source and norm of the theological enterprise of the Church. That is all the patristic sources admit. A second principle is implied in the patristic writing that is denied by Protestants which is: the theological activity of the Church, which has Scripture as its primary norm and source, is governed by Church authority. The category confusion on the part of Protestants is that, since Scripture is ontologically primary to Church authority it is therefore against Church authority. This is a simple category confusion: scripture and the episcopacy are different kinds of authority, which are not opposed.”-Nathaniel McCallum