"Hey, I've Got an Idea…

we have a player that’s a sure Hall of Famer, admired by the fans, and one of the best people in the game. I know what to do, we’ll put him on waivers and trade him for someone called Player to be Named Later.”

Anyway, good luck to Jim Thome one of the true good guys in baseball. You get to escape the termite infested ship known as the Minnesota Twins and finish your career with the team you started out with (Cleveland Indians) and a possible shot at the playoffs. My condolences to “Player to be Named Later.” You already have two strikes against you. Not only does your current team not want you anymore but you have big shoes to fill when you arrive here.


0 thoughts on “"Hey, I've Got an Idea…

  1. He played for the Dodgers a couple of years ago, he’s been known to get traded now and then. He’s truly a class act, you are blessed to have him (mostly)


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