The sky is the color…

of dirty cotton. The snow is hard and even the grass that found its way through the crust looks forlorn. On television the man talks about wind chill, again. It’s late November. It’s morning in St. Paul, and everything looks frozen in place.

Stuck is what you learn about as you grow older. Kids, and the ones who never moved away from childhood, think everything can move with the sheer power of will. Mostly, though, we learn over time that sometimes things are just stuck in place. The weather, the times, the economy, our obligations, our fears, and every time of preparation, are all a kind of glue that can hold even the most ramble prone in place for a while.

Impatience is easy to come by in such times. In a world where we’ve been trained to get food in seconds its hard for us to stay put, to learn the lessons that come from being captured by a moment in life. Ice falls from the sky and you have to stay home. Times are hard and you need to keep your job for a while. Things are happening far above your pay grade and the world isn’t the way you want it to be and you must wait.

Yet wisdom tells us there is a voice in all of this, a wisdom to be gained not simply in the moments of change and movement but also on November days when the snow is hard, the air cold, and there’s no place to go. Those who pursue this grow deep and the shallow world has little power over their hearts.

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